Exhibit Guidelines & Promotional Option

Exhibit Guidelines

1. Exhibit Space Fee (Special rate for overseas exhibitors only.)

Japanese Yen 352,000 per booth
1 Unit Booth · 9sqm. (3m(w)×3m(d))
(10% Japanese consumption tax are included)
Bank Charge is to be paid by the applicant additionally. Chargeable JPY 10,000 for each bank remittance.

2. Corner Booth Reservation

When applying for exhibition space, the corner booths can be reserved for an additional fee.
Japanese Yen 110,000 (including tax)

  • The above mentioned fee applies regardless of the number of booths.
  • If an application is made for 4 or more booths, then in principle, at least one corner booth will be allocated without the above mentioned fee.
  • If the type of booth is not specified in the application, arrangements will be made based on the number of booths, order of application, etc.
3. Application Deadline
February 28, 2022

(Application will be closed prior to the deadline once all booths are booked.)

4. Application to Exhibit

Please complete the attached exhibition application form and send it by E-mail to GPEC Management Office.
E-mail: ofc@gpec.jp

5. Withholding or Rejection of Application

In case the management office judges the exhibit inappropriate for this exhibition, the management office may withhold or revoke the application.

6. Payment of Exhibit Space Fee

After the approval of the contents of the application form, the management office will send you an invoice.
Please pay your exhibit space fee by March 31, 2022.

* Japanese yen cash remittance only.
* Bank charges must be paid by applicants. Chargeable JPY 10,000 for each bank remittance.

7. Cancellation

Once an application is accepted, no withdrawal is allowed as a general rule. If the management office deems it legitimate, however, application may be withdrawn with payment of prescribed cancellation charge.

Date of Cancellation (in writing) Cancellation Charge
Before March 31, 2022 50% of Total Exhibit Space Fee
After April 1, 2022 100% of Total Exhibit Space Fee
8. Alternation and Cancellation of the show

The organizer and management office reserve the right to postpone indefinitely or cancel the show if the exhibition has become unable to be opened on account of force majeure (earthquakes, disasters, war, terrorism, epidemics diseases or infectious diseases, other disturbances, etc.) In these cases, the organizer and management office will refund the exhibit fee based on the following rate. If the applicant has not paid the fee at the time of alternation or cancellation, the applicant will pay the difference between the exhibit space fee and the refund amount based on the following rate.

Refund rate of the exhibit fee

1. Application date  〜  March 31, Thu., 2022  : 100%
2. April 1, Fri., 2022  〜  May 31, Tue., 2022  : 70%
3. June 1, Wed., 2022  〜  July 15, Fri., 2022  : 50%
4. July 16, Sat., 2022  〜  July 22, Fri., 2022  : No Refund
9. Basic Booth

A basic booth is shown below.
The management office will provide a back panel and side panels.
* Carpet will not be provided for booths.(option item)
* Panels will not be provided for Island booths.
* One of the side panels will not be provided for corner booths.

10. Booth Type

Available three types of booth (Refer to application form):

  • Single- row booths, double-row booths (applicable for 4 booths or more),
    Island booths (applicable for 12 booths or more (scheduled)).
11. Booth Allotment

The organizer and management office decides booth allocation taking into consideration the exhibits, number of booths and demonstration plans, etc.

12. Not Included in the Exhibit Fee:
  • Booth decoration and operation expenses.
  • Installation and usage of electricity and utilities.
  • Official guidebook advertising fee.
  • Damage insurance for the exhibits, etc.
  • Expense for injuries arising during exhibition or while transporting equipment.
  • Renovating exhibits and decorations, etc., required by regulations and exhibition rules.
  • Other expenses not included in the basic booth.
13. Other Rules

Other details and regulations will be explained in the Exhibitors' Manual which will be sent to applicants later.

GPEC Application

Promotional Option

Exhibitor's Presentation

A special stage will be set up in the hall for various presentation such as the introduction of services and new products.
You can make strong appeal to the audience.

Fee : JPY 77,000 per 30 min (including tax)
- Seating capacity : 80 persons
- Attached equipment : projector, screen, seats, table, microphone
* If you need other equipments or facilities, please contact to management office.

Floor Map Advertisement

Your company's advertisement will be posted on the floor map will be distributed at the hall.
Advertising Fee : JPY 165,000
Size : 40mm×20mm

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